Youthanized II

Have at boys and girls. Click the blue links to download a particular side. There are still tapes available. Go to www.wakrecs.com.

Side A:
Bad Blood
Hangin' On
Harsh Tokes
Master Code
Side B:
Super Bowl Sunday
Tuff Town



Pitted Youth & the Family Stoned
Spring Thaw Tour 2011

4/20 Olympia, WA Tour Kick Off w/ H.P.P. and Weezer
4/21 Portland, OR @ the Alley Way
4/22 Sacramento, CA @ the Hub w/ Apache Dropout and Overthruster
4/23 San Franciso, CA @ Burnt Ramen
4/24 San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead
4/25 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Story House
4/26 LA?!?! @
4/27 LA?!?! @
4/28 Pheonix, AZ @ The Tribe
4/29 SF/LA?!
4/30 Oakland, CA @ The Swamp

See You There. Live Free or Don't.